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Easy Tips to Clean Jewelry with Ammonia

Here are a few tips that can help you to clean the luxury Jewelry with Ammonia - Essential items you need includes -- Soft bristle toothbrush, Ammonia, neat cloth, Mild liquid dish soap (if required and cool water. Create a solvent with one part of ammonia and six parts of water. Don't make the mistake of creating a solution with one part of ammonia and one part of the water that will eventually discolor or damage your jewelry. Submerge your jewelry for a maximum of ten minutes and wear dish gloves while handling the jewelry with an ammonia solution.

Gently brush your jewelry with a soft-bristled toothbrush and carefully clean everything behind the stone where dust and grime get stuck and stop your luxury jewelry from glowing. Don't brush too hard that can make the danger of loosening your diamond or damaging the metal.

Re-brush your jewelry in an ammonia solution for more than ten minutes that would release all stubborn grime and dirt that was leftover, so clean it by using the brush for the second time. In the case of very dirty jewelry, you can repeat the first two steps by using a different solution that helps with tarnished metal.

Mix a solution by adding six part of the lukewarm water with one part of the ammonia and few drops of mild dish detergent that would be very helpful to remove any tarnish from your jewelry. After ten minutes in a new solution, you have to polish the jewelry with a clean cloth. Now you don't need to use any toothbrush, you can do this by using a lint-free cloth to gently clean the metal. This process would give the best results on gold or silver. Rinse with cold water and let it dry before storing it.